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Play It By Ear Podcast Website Launched

Welcome to our website! We are centralizing our efforts here so this can be your one stop for all things Play It By Ear. You can find all of our audio provider information, video provider information, social media page locations, purchase merchandise, and find our contact information by clicking on the appropriate link in the menu above. Welcome again..we appreciate having you as a fan.

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Meet the three guys whose unique chemistry makes the show work. Go to the “About Us” menu at the top of our page and click “Meet the Hosts”

What in the world are they talking aBOUT?

There are many words and phrases that have become a part of the language of our show. You may have been watching or listening to an episode and wondered what in the world are they talking about? Coming soon to our website is a dictionary, of sorts, to help you learn the Play It By Ear language. Go to the “About Us” menu at the top of the page and click on “Play It By Ear-isms” for your instruction on PIBESL (Play It By Ear as a Second Language).

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