Our three hosts have been good friends for over 30 years. They share such a common bond that they can often finish each other’s sentences. This chemistry is an integral part of our show. It allows the audience to become a part of the unique humor and perspective that the three of them have been sharing with each other for all of these years. Let’s meet our Chief Earbuds!


aric fiscus

aric is the youngest child of phillip (pete) and jean ann fiscus, and brother of tony and angie. as his siblings are over a decade older than him he was mainly left  to his own devices as a yout (did you say yout?) which probably explains his unique outlook on life in general and his ability to crack himself up while his wife, becky, looks at him in disbelief. during his formative educational years at sardinia elementary aric made his first attempt at entrepreneurship by acting as the black market supplier of candy from Katy’s delicatessen in sardinia that he brought back to school to his appreciative classmates (after a small handling fee of various 80’s era candies). 

brady liming

Brady was the youngest child of Linda and Earl Liming (aka The Mousmnn), and brother of Mindi. He went on to earn his academic Bona Fides from Sardinia Elementary, Eastern High School, Ohio State, and Morehead State, in which he has been a teacher for 26 years. He has conned people for years into thinking he can play guitar, and has also dabbled in radio, and podcasting. 
As a true child of the 80’s, he has deep affinity for Saturday morning cartoons, classic pro wrestling, classic era MTV, and fighting Communists wherever he finds them.

todd griffin

Todd is the youngest and favorite child of Charles “Chuck” And Sandy Griffin. He spent most of his yout (Did you say yout?) playing basketball as he idolized Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics. In fact, he fashioned himself a “slightly” smaller Larry Bird. When it dawned on him that he was going to pull up a “little short” of an NBA career, Todd began what would be a lifelong obsession with music. Todd has been playing guitar and bass guitar for the past 24 years. During this time, he has performed thousands of shows on stages all over the tri-state area. Beyond music, Todd has been a lifelong learner which ultimately led to a return to college to become a reading teacher. As someone who is always reading 3-4 books simultaneously, Todd is fond of a good story. Humor has always played an integral role for Todd and his relationships with others, which lead him to this podcast. New to the world of podcasting, Todd is enjoying the opportunity to combine witty and thoughtful conversation with the humorous and lighthearted banter that has defined him up to this point.